The best tourist places in Liverpool worth your visit

The city of Liverpool is located in the north of England in the county of Merseyside, which is the cultural capital of Europe and is considered one of the most important industrial and commercial cities. Popular in Britain, Liverpool is the second city to be built after London in Britain. The city is characterized by its diverse climate, with rainy, sunny or cloudy weather in the seasons of the year. The winter in Liverpool is cold and wet and falls between January and February, while summer is warm and sunny and falls between July and August, and the climate varies between them throughout the year.

Albert Dock Complex Liverpool

The warehouse was opened in 1846 AD, and the structure was initially built of bricks, stone and cast iron, and wood did not have any uses in its construction, so it was the first warehouse of its kind, non-combustible, and although it Was a berth for revolutionary ships, it later became a basin for storing many valuable goods such as tea cotton, tobacco, blen, ivory, sugar, and in the Second World War it was captured and used as a base for the boats of the British Atlantic Fleet.

It was severely damaged due to air raids on it, and in 1972 it was closed permanently, and after ten years the pier was redeveloped again, and today it is one of the main tourist attractions in Liverpool.

world museum

The museum was established in 1851 AD and initially consisted of two rooms and a library, but with the increasing popularity of the museum, the land of the new building was donated by the local representative and merchant William Brown, which is located on William Brown Street , as for St. It is home to a planetarium that offers various shows about the solar system, planets, space exploration, and shows for children

The museum also includes a section on antiquities and Egyptology, which contains 15,000 objects from Egypt and Sudan, and there are more than 5,000 Egyptian artifacts donated to the museum. It also units a group of exhibits for the natural world of plants, animals and insects.

Liverpool giant wheel

The Liverpool Wheel is located on the waterfront of the city, and it is also called the Echo Liverpool Wheel because of its proximity to the Echo Arena, and one of the most important features of it is to watch it from anywhere inside the city.

One capsule accommodates eight people with attention to safety and chairs inside the capsule. The wheel has received a huge turnout from its pioneers from the first day, where its passengers can view the entire city from above and see its most important landmarks. There are many restaurants and cafeterias next to the wheel to eat the most delicious meals and drink the best drinks.

Royal Liver Building

The building is located in Bearhead, next to the Cunard Building and the Port of Liverpool. It is a Baroque-style building and has been classified as a first-class shrine by the British Antiquities Authority. It was opened in 1911 AD, and it is one of the first buildings to be built of reinforced concrete. The height of the building is 98.2 meters. Europe when it was built

What distinguishes the building is its internal and external design and the collectibles it contains of paintings, colored lamps and the bronze bird that is above it.

Liverpool Central Library

The library is located in the center of Liverpool, on William Brown Street, and is considered one of the twenty-two largest libraries in Britain. The library has undergone many developments in 2013, making it one of the most important great libraries in England and the world

Inside it, it is possible to tour and learn about the history of its establishment, the development processes that have taken place and the accessories that have joined it, such as the large glass dome and modern stairs. The library also provides a free internet network and its visitors are given free copies of the books they prefer.

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