The most beautiful hotels in Europe

Europe is a dream for every human being, especially lovers of tourism and travel around the world. This is because of the facilities it provides, and without forgetting that Europe contains the most beautiful cities in the world, such as London, Madrid, Paris and other cities that contain wonderful landmarks and beautiful views. It was classified by many sites specialized in tourism as the largest continent attracting tourists in one year, and the number of tourists in 2008 reached 45 million, with Paris occupying the first place with 2 million tourists annually. And if it attracts this number and a huge number of people, it must contain wonderful, comfortable and adult suitable hotels. Today, we decided to offer you the 10 most beautiful hotels in Europe that provide you with all the avenues of elegance and at reasonable prices.

1. Aranas Hotel.

 Madrid The Aranas Hotel is located in the Spanish city of Madrid, near the Prince Philip V Museum in the north, and near Arago Square in the south, in front of the Madrid Central Police headquarters. This wonderful hotel is considered one of the most beautiful hotels in the world, because it provides all the amenities for tourists. Aranas Hotel is considered a first-class hotel and a 5-star hotel. It is the most beautiful hotel in Madrid and Spain, and the most beautiful thing about it is its wonderful price, which is 500 dollars per night. It offers a lot of advantages to customers, and the most prominent thing that this wonderful hotel offers is all meals for free, including free morning breakfast and evening breakfast, in addition to lunch and dinner. It also provides a car park and an advanced gym. And in the end, you can get back 500 dollars if you stay more than a week, which means that you can get one night’s stay for free.

2. The Wilson Run Hotel. Paris

The Wilson Run Hotel is located in Paris, near Saint-Denis in the north, and near the Ronave Museum in the west, and you can reach it via a tramway station. This wonderful hotel is considered a wonderful hotel, and this is the testimony of everyone and everyone who visited this hotel. The Wilson Run Hotel has been rated as a 5-star hotel by many websites. It is the number one hotel in France and the price of the night is estimated at 600 euros per night. Where the customer or the customer can get all meals for free, starting from the morning breakfast and evening breakfast in addition to lunch and dinner. Wilson Run Hotel offers a free car park, gym and heated pool.

3. Arun Wave Hotel. Stockholm

The Waf Aron Hotel is located in Stockholm, Sweden, near the training center of the Swedish Malmö Club. It is a country-style hotel overlooking the picturesque nature. To the north and near the Stockholm police station, you can reach it by city bus, by train, or even by taxi. This hotel was classified as a 5-star hotel, according to the testimony of all international sites specialized in tourism, and the price of the stay in it is estimated at 650 euros per night, and there are discounts throughout the year. It is also considered the best and most beautiful hotel in Sweden and northern Europe in general. A customer can have a free morning breakfast. Wilson Run Hotel offers a free car park, gym and heated pool.

4. Risa Hotel. Barcelona

The Risa Hotel is located in Barcelona, ​​north of Piazza Bruges and near the Lucisa Museum. You can reach this wonderful museum on foot, and this is the moment you arrive at Barcelona’s international airport. Risa Hotel was classified as a 5-star hotel in late 2021, meaning it is a new and modern hotel. It is the second most beautiful hotel in Spain after the Venant Hotel in Madrid, and the price of the night in it is estimated at 700 euros with discounts, and this depends on the days of the year, for example, the price of accommodation in it varies from time to time. Where it is in the month of July is very high and here is because the city of Barcelona offers a lot of festivals at this time. Risa Hotel offers its customers a lot of necessities and amenities. It offers all meals for free, from breakfast in the morning and evening to lunch and dinner, and it also offers discounts according to your stay.

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