The woman almost died from an orgasm when the artery leaked while reaching her peak

The woman almost died from an orgasm when the artery leaked while reaching her peak

The woman suffered a leaky artery while having sex at home (Image: American Journal of Case Reports)

A woman almost died after a “pop” in her chest during sex turned up as a life-threatening medical condition.

The 45-year-old woman had just climaxed when she felt a sharp jolt of pain run through her body.

She and her husband drove from their home in Hattiesburg, Mississippi to the emergency department of their nearest hospital.

Staff were told the woman’s legs had been “pressed against her chest and during her orgasm she felt a ‘pop'” followed by intense heat in her back.

He also reported feeling sick and short of breath.

When asked how to rate her pain, the struggling woman rated it 10/10.

It was later discovered that he had experienced a form of acute aortic syndrome (AAS), a spectrum of potentially life-threatening conditions.

Doctors had discovered a leak in his aorta, a large artery that carries blood through the body, measuring more than an inch in diameter.

A woman nearly died from an orgasm when her artery burst while she climaxed

A scan of the woman’s chest revealed the cause of the mysterious pain (Image: American Journal of Case Reports)

His case, and others like it, call for immediate treatment to avoid death or major complications.

SAA has a high mortality rate, which has been described as an increase of 1% for every hour a patient is untreated, and up to 22% of cases are undiagnosed at the time of death.

The circumstances surrounding the woman’s diagnosis, the fact that it was triggered by sex, have now been explored in more detail by scientists in a new journal.

The puzzled researchers admitted that it was “not a common occurrence”.

The researchers stated in the article: “Our case is unusual in that our patient was a woman, who represented a smaller proportion of AAS cases, and had consensual intercourse with her husband; however, had baseline risk factors for ASA, such as uncontrolled and untreated hypertension and a history of tobacco abuse.”

It was noted that the woman was a heavy smoker and had about six or seven cigarettes a day.

AAS is more common among men, who have sometimes reported flare-ups of pain during intercourse or during masturbation.

Scientists say the problem has been reported in “some literature” but remains uncommon.

A woman almost dies after one

Doctors found a leak in his aorta that was more than an inch in diameter (Image: American Journal of Case Reports)

His article also addressed heart attacks during sexual situations and how certain situations, such as cheating, can increase the risk.

The researchers added: “The risk of sudden cardiac death also shows similar patterns, with an incidence of 0.19% in men and 0.16% in women, often observed during masturbation, sexual interaction with prostitutes, or extramarital sexual activity”.

“As mentioned above, the risk of sudden cardiac death during sex has a correlation with adultery, which could be causing a heightened or unanticipated emotional response that makes a person more predisposed to AAS or death sudden cardiac arrest”.

The results of the study will also help shape how “physiological changes” and “intercourse stress” affect humans.

The woman’s case can be read in full in the American Journal of Case Reports.

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