My son was told the headaches were long from covid…but it was much worse

My son was told the headaches were long from covid...but it was much worse

A teenager’s headaches were repeatedly misdiagnosed during Covid before doctors found a brain tumour.

Kane Allcock, 15, had been in agony, sick and struggling to walk with dizziness when the migraines began to worsen.


Kane Allcock was found to have a brain tumor after initially being told his persistent headaches were caused by prolonged Covid.Credit: MEN Media
He had been in agony, he was sick and it was difficult for him to walk with dizziness


He had been in agony, he was sick and it was difficult for him to walk with dizzinessCredit: MEN Media
Mom Nicki said she knew something was wrong


Mom Nicki said she knew something was wrongCredit: Cavendish

But he had only been given painkillers for them, which started when he got the virus, and doctors repeatedly insisted he was suffering from post-Covid vertigo.

Doctors only found the large tumor after he had a seizure and eventually sent him for a brain scan. The seven-and-a-half-hour surgery finally removed it nearly four months after the headaches began.

Mum Nicki, from Crewe, Cheshire, said: “I knew something was wrong. Kane was holding his head and swaying in agony. He couldn’t walk properly.

“The message I was getting was that I was still just getting migraines.”

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Aged footballer Kane had his first headache after catching Covid on New Year’s Eve.

He felt sick and went straight to bed when he arrived at a tournament in April.

They were told again it was just a headache after the blood tests and put him on codeine.

But then doctors diagnosed a build-up of pressure on her brain and found a large tumor after Nicki lost patience with the professionals.

She had taken him to A&E with her husband Steve and decided to admit him for overnight tests. He also told a nurse that he had noticed a gash on the back of his head.

He had the seizure the next day and was sent for an MRI. He found acute hydrocephalus, a build-up of pressure in the brain caused by CSF, and the brain tumor.

Kane was rushed to Liverpool’s Alder Hey Hospital for life-saving treatment.

Mum-of-two Nicki said the car journey that followed was “the longest 50 minutes of our lives”.

Kane was rushed into surgery to treat the hydrocephalus and had surgery to remove the entire tumor two days later.

His histology report confirmed that the tumor was a low-grade non-cancerous pilocytic astrocytoma.

He was given full clearance after further surgery and was discharged four days after the operation.

But he was taken back to hospital for stitches when he had a wound.

The leakage continued and he operated again to re-stitch the wound.

And he had to have a spinal drain put in when his hydrocephalus flared up again, which meant he was bedridden for five days before it was finally removed in May.

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Kane’s parents stayed in free accommodation next to the hospital and was put up by the Ronald McDonald House charity.

Philippa Bradbury, the charity’s regional community fundraiser, said: “It’s great to be able to support families like the Allcocks, helping to ease the financial and emotional burden of having a sick child in hospital” .

Kane's tumor was found after he had a seizure


Kane’s tumor was found after he had a seizureCredit: SWNS
The up-and-coming footballer fell ill when he went to a tournament


The up-and-coming footballer fell ill when he went to a tournamentCredit: Cavendish

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