You can tell how good a man is in bed based on his personality type, scientists reveal

You can tell how good a man is in bed based on his personality type, scientists reveal

Scientists claim you can tell how good a man is in bed by studying his personality.

They looked at 1,740 men in Taiwan who were young, healthy and sexually active.


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But they shared the same problem in bed: erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is said to be a common problem, especially as men age.

It can be caused by health conditions, such as diabetes, as well as psychological problems, such as stress.

What the urologists at the Taipei Veterans General Hospital wanted to find out was whether a man’s personality drives his inability to get or maintain an erection.

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They asked participants to rate them on the severity of erectile dysfunction.

They then measured how well they fit the “type D personality (TPD)” personality type.

There are four personality types:

  • Type A, The Manager: Goal oriented, risk taking, good under stress
  • Type B, The Socialiser: Relationship-oriented, outgoing, enthusiastic
  • Type C, The Thinker: Detail oriented, logical, prepared
  • Type D, the supported: task-oriented, stabilizing, cautious

More than half (54.1%) of men with erectile dysfunction were found to have a Type D personality, according to findings in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, published by Elsevier.

Some other Type D personality traits include that they have a hard time talking, are shy, resistant to change, and deal with things instead of confronting them.

His personality strengths include being approachable, trusting, caring, stable, self-assured and reliable.

And now, researchers suggest they are more likely to have severe erectile dysfunction.

The character trait of social inhibition had a greater influence on moderate or severe ED than negative affectivity.

Social inhibition is when someone pulls away from socializing, while negative affectivity is when someone strongly feels emotions such as sadness, worry, or irritability.

Men with D personality types also scored higher on a scale of depressive symptoms than men with other personality types.

Depression is a risk factor for erectile dysfunction, according to the NHS.

But where this personality type may fault men is that they are less likely to seek medical help, research suggests.

The paper also said links have been established between TDP and poor health habits such as inactivity, smoking and poor diet, all of which are not conducive to erectile dysfunction.

“The prevalence of TDP in the overall population of European countries is estimated to be 16.6 to 38.5%,” the researchers said.

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“TDP negatively affects erectile function both directly and indirectly, through depression.

“Therefore, we recommend that urologists seek to identify patients with TDP.”

When to seek help?

The NHS says that most men occasionally fail to get or keep an erection.

This is usually caused by stress, fatigue, anxiety or excessive alcohol consumption, and is nothing to worry about.

If it happens more often, it may be caused by physical or emotional health problems.

The health agency says you should see a GP or go to a sexual health clinic if erectile problems continue to happen.

It could be a sign of an underlying health condition that needs treatment, such as diabetes.

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