Dr Mosley shares 15p snack that can lower ‘bad’ cholesterol by 23%: ‘Delicious’

Dr Mosley shares 15p snack that can lower 'bad' cholesterol by 23%: 'Delicious'

High cholesterol is the precursor to serious health problems, ranging from heart disease to stroke. However, not all cholesterol is bad, as your body needs some of the substance to function. The culprit is the so-called “bad” type of cholesterol. Fortunately, a snack of 15 p. could help lower bad cholesterol by 23 percent, according to Dr. Mosley.

Speaking on his Just One Thing podcast, the doctor said: ‘It’s early afternoon and I’m a bit down.

“I’m about to have a delicious snack that could improve my blood flow, boost my brain and trim my waistline. It’s not some exotic superfood. It’s actually an apple.”

Since this “delicious snack” comes in all kinds of colors and shapes, the doctor invited an expert to help him decide which type of apple is best.

But first, he revealed what makes the little food so powerful.

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“One of the reasons this fruit is so good for us is that the skin is full of compounds called flavonoids, which, as we’ll discover, can help heart health,” Dr. Mosley said.

With these treats, apples eaten daily have been shown to lower cholesterol in research.

The doctor shared that a one-year trial at Florida State University found that those who ate about 75 grams of dried apples a day were able to lower their bad cholesterol by 23 percent.

In 160 middle-aged women, the study also linked weight loss to snacking.


The podcaster invited Dr. Catherine Bondonno, a researcher at the Nutrition Research Institute at Edith Cowan University in Western Australia, to get to the heart of flavonoid research.

Dr Bondonno said: “So flavonoids and apples have been shown to lower cholesterol, improve inflammation and diabetes, and there are effects on gut microbiota.

“Flavonoids are concentrated in the skin of apples.

“And they’re actually produced by plants to protect them from stress, sunlight and disease.

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This type of apple can also be bought in the UK. However, the good news doesn’t end there, as the doctor shared that cooking apples doesn’t strip them of their flavonoids.

This means you can enjoy the “delicious” and “versatile” snack in more ways than just raw. Dr. Mosley noted that apple crumble is also an option.

The doctor added: “It seems an apple a day really does keep the doctor away.

“That’s the way it is—it’s just something you can incorporate into your daily routine.”

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