Premier League ‘predator’ accused of rape ‘used women for sex and dumped them’

Premier League 'predator' accused of rape 'used women for sex and dumped them'

Premier League footballer Benjamin Mendy is a ‘predator’ who raped women at his ‘secluded’ Cheshire mansion and thought they were ‘things to be used for sex and thrown aside’, a court

Mendy, 28, is charged with eight counts of rape, one count of attempted rape and one count of sexual assault.

In one incident, Mendy allegedly took the victim’s phone and began looking at intimate photos on her phone. When she tried to get it back, he told her: “I’ll give you your phone back if you take your clothes off,” the court heard.

The woman stripped down to her underwear and went to get her phone when Mendy came up behind her and raped her three times despite the woman’s protests, prosecutors alleged.

On another occasion at Mendy’s Cheshire mansion, a woman had to squeeze her knees to stop him raping her, the court heard.

The Manchester City footballer is co-accused with Louis Saha Matturie, known in court as a “fixer who found young women for Mendy”.

Matturie, 40, is charged with eight counts of rape and four counts of sexual assault. Both men deny the charges against them.

A woman, who stayed at Mendy’s house after a pool party, was allegedly woken up by him raping her. When her underwear was forensically examined, DNA from both Mendy and Saha Matturie was found, although the woman did not remember having sex with Saha Matturie.

Prosecuting barrister Timothy Cray QC told Chester Crown Court that both defendants thought “the feelings and emotions of their victims counted for nothing”.

“To them, these women were disposable, things to be used for sex, tossed aside,” Cray added.

He told the court that the trial would hear from 13 different women accusing Mendy and Saha Matturie of rape or sexual assault.

Most of the alleged crimes happened at Mendy’s mansion in Mottram St Andrew, Cheshire, from October 2019 to August 2021.

Louis Saha Matturie “found young women for Mendy”, Chester Crown Court heard


The court heard that the location and design of the house helped Mendy isolate the women and make them more vulnerable to his advances.

“He was isolated,” Mr Cray said. “About 17 miles south of central Manchester. If you turned up and never been there, with the big old doors closed behind you, you might have felt vulnerable.”

Once the women arrived at the home, some of their phones were taken from them, according to Cray.

Other women were taken to rooms they believed were locked, some were drunk, and “there is evidence that the defendants wanted the women to drink,” Cray continued.

Two women were kept in the study and master bedroom before they were allegedly raped by Mendy, the trial heard. Jurors were shown video of the doors to those rooms and told the locks could turn them into “panic rooms” if the house was burglarized.

Due to the unusual security system, jurors were shown how the rooms had two handles on each door. The doors could only be opened if both handles were turned at the same time, meaning you could be trapped inside if you only pulled one handle to try to get out.

Mendy is a “predator who was prepared to commit serious sexual crimes,” the prosecution argued


Also, “the difference in age and wealth between the defendants and the women” made them vulnerable, Cray said.

“The general attitude of the defendants was that any woman … once that door closed behind her, well that woman was available for sex.”

Mendy and Saha Matturie are “predators who were willing to commit serious sex crimes” and who “wouldn’t take no for an answer,” the prosecution argued in its opening statement.

“They were able to construct, create situations where ‘No’ – to the women in question – did not even seem like an option,” the court heard.

The trial was also told that a woman was assaulted when she arrived at the house to visit someone other than Mendy or Saha Matturie.

Another woman was 17 years old when the assault took place. For the defendants, the prosecution argued, it didn’t matter to them “whether the witness was more or less minding his business in Mendy’s kitchen, or whether the woman was in obvious distress.”

Saha Matturie also allegedly “pretended to be someone else” during sex, the court heard.

“The girl wakes up and it’s him having sex with her, not the person she thought was in bed with her,” Cray detailed.

The accused couple believed that “all these women who came to the address were available for sex,” Cray said.

The trial continues.

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