‘A fish rots from the head’: United fans plan protests ahead of Liverpool game

In 1958, a group of Manchester United fans will stage a further protest against the Glazers on Monday ahead of Liverpool’s visit to Old Trafford, with the Manchester United Supporters Trust separately branding the American family’s property as “fish that rots from the head”. .

Following events organized by The 1958 ahead of Brighton’s first game of the new season and last season’s game with Norwich in April, there is expected to be a march to the stadium which will aim to reach in front of the club’s megastore at 7.30pm, half an hour. before the start.

A statement on the group’s website read: “For Liverpool, we will plant the 1958 flag in Trinidad. [statue] for those who want to make a stop from 7.30pm. In support of the fans going and not going to the game who have made the journey to show their displeasure at this failed property.

“We urge anyone to please contact us with any ideas or future plans for match day actions so we can help validate the feasibility and offer help, support and advice. We are all on the same page and it’s critical that the momentum and pressure is maintained above all else. This is a war, not a battle, dig in and be ready for the long haul.”

The pre-match protest against Brighton saw large numbers gather next to the Trinity statue with flares extinguished and the megastore forced to close for a period. United lost that game 2-1 and followed it up with Saturday’s humiliating 4-0 defeat at Brentford.

A large number of supporters have been unhappy with the Glazers’ ownership since Malcom Glazer bought United in 2005 in a leveraged buyout that loaded the club with considerable debt. Seventeen years later, that’s about £500m.

Meanwhile, Brentford’s defeat prompted the Manchester United Supporters Trust to release a statement that was particularly strong as it is in negotiations with the club over a fan involvement policy which is expected to be approved after the vote of last week with the members of the Must.

Joel and Avram Glazer
Joel and Avram Glazer own Manchester United and cause many fans to be unhappy Photo: Dave Thompson/PA

He said: “As we have always said, a fish rots from the head. And the ultimate responsibility for the dire state of our football club must lie with its owners, the Glazer family. It is now up to them and their management team to explain to United fans why we are in this state and what they are going to do about it. We’ve had some tough times in the last decade, but that really seems to be the bottom line.

“We are being asked a lot about protests at upcoming games (including at Liverpool) and as we have always said we will publicize any credible, lawful and peaceful protest so that our members have the information and can make their own decision about whether they want take part.

“We will announce the result of the vote in the coming days and will be extending the consultation to ensure that no fan is left out of having their say.”

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