Ryan Giggs admits ‘love cheat’ reputation is justified

Ryan Giggs has admitted cheating on his ex-wife and girlfriends “many times” and said his reputation as a “love cheat” was justified, but told a court he had never abused women.

The former Manchester United and Wales footballer said he had never been faithful to any of his partners, but denied using coercive or controlling behaviour.

Testing for the first time at his trial, Giggs, 48, was asked if he had ever lied to his ex-wife Stacey Giggs and former partner Kate Greville about his infidelity. He answered: “Yes. More than once. A lot of times.”

Asked by his barrister, Chris Daw QC, if his reputation as a “love cheat” was justified, Giggs said: “Yes.”

When asked if he was able to resist women if he felt attracted to them, despite being in a relationship, he said, “No.”

Giggs told the jury at Manchester Crown Court that he had never physically assaulted or used coercive and controlling behavior towards women.

He has denied headbutting Greville and elbowing his younger sister in the face during a drunken row at their home in Worsley, Greater Manchester, on November 1, 2020.

The former Wales manager also denies manipulating Greville over a three-year period before their split.

Greville, 36, has accused Giggs of making her life “hell”, isolating her from friends and family and destroying her self-confidence during their “toxic” relationship.

Giggs described how he “fell in love” with Greville after meeting her while working as a PR person for his hospitality business with Gary Neville.

They were both married at the time, he said, but began an affair and after three or four months she left her husband for Giggs, who left his wife a few months later.

Giggs told the jury: “Me and my wife had problems. I cheated on my ex-wife, which was quite a public affair.

“We got through it and things went well and it was a part of my life where I had just finished football and was going into a coaching career which was more hours, more time away from home and away from family and Stacey’s.

“I wasn’t giving Stacey the attention she deserved. Eventually, we just got more and more unhappy. It just got harder and harder.”

Giggs was asked about an incident in which she allegedly threw Greville naked from a hotel room in Dubai in September 2017. Greville has claimed that Giggs dragged her across the floor of her hotel room before of throwing their belongings in a corridor.

Giggs denied any “physical element” to the argument and said he started packing Greville’s suitcase after telling him he didn’t want him to stay with him. He said he eventually let her sleep in his bed.

He said they then had sex. When asked by Daw what kind of sex they had, Giggs said: “Sex that we would have often and it could get rough, but nothing weird but just rough sex.”

Giggs’ defense is that Greville suffered bruised wrists from rough sex, not, as the prosecution claims, because he grabbed her arm during an argument.

Earlier on Tuesday, the jury heard that Giggs told police after his arrest for allegedly headbutting Greville in November 2020 that “during that fight my head collided with his”.

He added: “I’m not sure if it was the face or the head, but I’m sure it wasn’t deliberate.”

He told detectives in a prepared statement that he felt “extremely distressed, hurt and emotional” because Greville had alleged he had been coercive and controlling.

Giggs claims to police that it was Greville who had tried to “control our relationship”. He said: “She ordered me to message certain women she falsely accused me of having an affair with… She dictated the content of the messages and watched me send them.”

The trial continues.

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