Ryan Giggs trial live: Ex-footballer says ‘cheat love’ reputation is justified as he’s never been faithful

Ryan Giggs trial live: Ex-footballer says 'cheat love' reputation is justified as he's never been faithful

me I’m Ryan Joseph Giggs [DOB]

I have been arrested for the alleged offenses of S47 assault and common assault. At this stage I feel very emotional about the incident and I want to make a pre-prepared statement about what happened last night, November 1st.

It’s true that unfortunately Kate and I had an argument that we had a fight over my phone that she had taken.

I accept that during the mess we had he grabbed me in the face and caused my lip and the inside of my mouth to bleed.

I may have grabbed and his sister during the fight, but at no time was there any intention to harm either of them.

Kate had taken my phone. I asked them both to leave my house in a taxi as Kate had been drinking and Emma was not insured to drive my car.

Unfortunately, they still refused to go.

In an attempt to defuse any further physical confrontation, I went to my next-door neighbor to ask her to call the police.

Unfortunately, she wouldn’t. Now I had no choice but to go to my house to ask for my phone again so I could call the police. They refused to leave and I didn’t know what else to do. I wanted them to leave the house, but they didn’t.

Since I didn’t have my phone I went to the laundry room to get his.

At this point, she handed me my phone and rather foolishly I decided to keep hers. We had been arguing all night and I accept that I shouldn’t have done this, but I was excited, angry and upset.

I was then going to call the police to ask them to come and get Kate out since she wasn’t there yet.

At that moment, he grabbed my hand again and a fight broke out. They took my hand and it was still bleeding from the first incident. His sister was very close.

I admit that during this fight my head collided with hers. Not sure if it was his face or his head. What I’m sure of is that it wasn’t deliberate. I didn’t consciously try to hit Kate at any point.

On both occasions they assaulted me. I had asked them to leave but they didn’t.

I didn’t deliberately intend to hurt either of them, but in the fight I got cut and it looks like both sisters were injured as well.

I’m sorry this argument has gotten so out of hand.

Kate and I had had a fantastic week together and I was really looking forward to our night at the Stock Exchange and the use of the hotel.

We have been together for over four years and like most couples we have our ups and downs. Mainly oops.

I sincerely hope that this is not the end of our relationship and that we can talk about it. The last thing I would want to do is hurt her emotionally or physically, and even though the fight got out of hand, at no point did I hurt her or purposely mean to hurt her.

After the clash of heads, I could see that she was hurt and crying. I then left her with her sister and went to the front to wait for the police.

The police drove by not knowing which house it was.

At that point, I went home to tell Emma and then the police arrived.

I was glad because this discussion had been going on for over an hour and, as I thought at first, [the polcie arriving] it was the only way to end this argument.

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