Gary Neville admits Manchester United struggled to continue their treble-winning 1998-99 season.

Manchester United legend Gary Neville admits that

‘The problem is it didn’t get better… it was the peak’: Gary Neville admits Manchester United ‘KNEW’ they could never win the 1998-99 season, as he reflects on the pain of his father’s death. in 2015

  • Man United icon Gary Neville spoke about the club’s legendary 1999-98 campaign
  • He admits the team struggled to improve on its success after that point
  • Neville said he often re-watches the win against Bayern and still gets goosebumps
  • On his show The Overlap, he also reflected on the heartbreak of his father’s death

Manchester United legend Gary Neville admits the club’s iconic 1998-99 treble-winning season was almost impossible to live with, claiming it “never got better” after their incredible Champions League final win against Bayern Munich.

United lifted Europe’s top prize after sealing a last-gasp victory thanks to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s stoppage-time winner, a moment Neville often looks back on and still gives goosebumps.

Speaking to Sky Sports colleague Geoff Shreeves on his own YouTube show The Overlap, Neville said the team had reached “the pinnacle” after a long time together and it was difficult to replicate the feeling of that season.

Manchester United legend Gary Neville admits it was ‘never better’ for the club after winning the treble in 1999

He admits the team struggled to live up to the feat

He admits the team struggled to live up to “the pinnacle” after their incredible success in beating Bayern Munich in the Champions League final.

“The problem is that nothing has improved,” he said. “We all probably knew at that point in terms of a single season – it was the pinnacle, it was an incredible moment. A team and a group of players who had been together for six, seven, eight nine years, some of us had been together since 12 or 13 years, and then you go and get it together.

“I still get goosebumps every time I think about that moment [Solskjaer’s winner].

“When I see that moment on social media – the winning goal, the build-up, the commentary – it still affects me to this day, like a different feeling.”

Shreeves suggested that Neville was on the ground in tears after full-time, to which Neville admits he was left feeling a whirlwind of emotions, although he has often kept his emotions in check throughout his career.

Neville said that

Neville said he ‘still gets goosebumps’ when thinking about Solskajer’s winning goal

“I think I might have had a tear in my eye because I lay on the ground – I’m not religious, I don’t get excited at football matches. I might have (crying). I love Manchester United, I given everything in my life and more.

“Out there on that field, playing at the club with the shirt on, when I think about my grandfather, my father and my brother who have been coming to my games since I was five, and then this happens, it’s never going to be better that this.’

In a wide-ranging and revealing chat, the Sky Sports pundit also reflected on the pain of losing his father, Neville Neville, in 2015.

His father was in Australia at the time of his heart attack and said it was a moment he will never forget.

In a revealing interview, Neville also reflected on how his father's death in 2015 affected him.

In a revealing interview, Neville also reflected on how his father’s death in 2015 affected him.

He said that the moment he learned of his father's death will always stay with him after he lost

He said the moment he learned of his father’s death will always stay with him after losing “a constant in my life.”

“I was in a restaurant in Manchester High Street and I had an amazing night,” he said. “I went back to my apartment and [wife] Emma saw the flashing light on the ceiling. She was my sister. I called my sister and she was hysterical.

“She said, ‘I think dad’s dead.’ I went straight away. She made a face at me and I remember my sister behind three doctors and nurses who pushed him into the hospital in Australia. This picture doesn’t will he ever leave me. That was the last time I saw him really alive.

“Then I got on a flight at 7am the next morning – it took me 24 hours to get there. The reality was that he was already dead, but they were keeping him alive. I cried a lot and thought a lot. My father it was a constant in my life.

“I don’t call my mom, brother and sister every day. But I called my dad every day, two or three times a day. That’s what I miss. I still have him on my favorites list in my speedials and I will never move it.


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