Incredibly Perfect ‘Einstein Ring’ Captured by the James Webb Space Telescope

A near-perfect Einstein ring from the galaxy JO418.

A near-perfect Einstein ring in galaxy JO418 stands out in this image created from data collected by NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope. (Image credit: Spaceguy44)

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from NASA James Webb Space Telescope has taken a perfect photo of an “Einstein ring”. The stunning halo is the result of light from a distant galaxy passing through the warped space-time surrounding another galaxy aligned between the distant light source and Earth. The new image, which was created by a Reddit-based astronomy enthusiast, is one of the best examples of the trippy astronomical phenomenon ever captured.

The ring of light in the new image comes from far away galaxy SPT-S J041839-4751.8 (or JO418 for short), which is about 12 billion light years from Earth, making it one of the oldest galaxies in the world. universe. JO418 is pointed directly behind another galaxy, the bright blue light at the center of the ring, which is so massive that its gravitational pull warps the spacetime around it. As light from JO418 reaches the foreground galaxy, it travels through this warped space-time. From Earth, it looks like the light has curved around the galaxy, but the electromagnetic waves we see have actually been traveling in a straight line the whole time.

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