‘We got it wrong’: British Cycling apologizes for Queen’s funeral advice

British Cycling has apologized for issuing guidance telling cyclists they should not use their bikes during the Queen’s funeral. In a social media post on Thursday, he said: “Sorry, we made a mistake.”

Many cyclists had also been left baffled by the governing body telling them on Tuesday they should not go to the club on Bank Holiday Monday as a mark of respect for Queen Elizabeth II, with some describing it as “worthy of the Stasi”.

Others threatened to cancel their membership, noting that the guidance would prevent people from using their bikes to get to and from work. Crucially, it also went against the government’s official sports advice, which stressed there is no obligation to cancel or postpone events during the period of national mourning.

On Thursday morning, the governing body issued an apology and revised the guidelines. “British Cycling sincerely apologizes for the guidance issued on Tuesday afternoon regarding cycling during the state funeral,” he said.

“We understand that the decision about whether to ride during this time is a decision for individuals and clubs to make for themselves, and we regret that we got it wrong on this occasion. At British Cycling we fought incredibly hard during the pandemic to protect the right to cycle, and we recognize the frustration and disappointment that Tuesday’s statement has caused. We greatly value the support of our members and the wider cycling community and would like to thank and apologize to everyone who got in touch to share their concerns with us on this occasion.”

The new guidance states that “as a mark of respect to her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, British Cycling’s guidance is that no national events should take place on the day of the state funeral, Monday 19 September

“In accordance with directions from the Royal Household, any club planning walks on the day of the state funeral may consider adjusting their route or travel times so as not to conflict with the funeral service and associated processions. However this, they are under no obligation to do so. As the day of the state funeral has been designated as a national holiday, in agreement with many other employers, British Cycling will close on the day.”

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