Trey Lance’s heartbreaking injury and the 49ers quarterback can’t quit

TThere’s an old saying in NFL circles: “If you have two quarterbacks, you don’t really have one.” Well, tell that to the San Francisco 49ers, who have learned the value of keeping two skilled starters. While the 49ers were criticized for giving backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo a one-year, guaranteed deal in the offseason instead of trading him for anything they could get, the move may have saved his season afterward that Trey Lance went down on Sunday with a broken ankle.

The extent of Lance’s injury wasn’t known when the team put Garoppolo, previously called “the most expensive backup in the world” by some of the more sneering members of the media, on the field against the Seattle Seahawks in the first fourth As usual, it was an efficient but unspectacular performance from Garoppolo, who had a passing and rushing touchdown while throwing for 154 yards without a single pick. The 49ers defeated the Seahawks 27-7 for their first win of the season while handing Seattle their first loss.

It turns out they’ll be forced to rely on Garoppolo, who was practicing on his own for much of the offseason, long term. Immediately after the game, head coach Kyle Shanahan announced that Lance’s broken ankle will require season-ending surgery. It was heartbreaking news for a 22-year-old with so much talent to offer fans. Suddenly, Garoppolo, who looked like he was going to spend the season sitting on the bench for a team that clearly wanted to move on from him, is back leading the team that won the NFC Championship Game last season.

Oh, and about that “most expensive backup” designation? If Garoppolo stays healthy, he’ll be a bargain. Yes, his contract guarantees him $6.5 million, but in restructuring his contract the 49ers almost certainly saved themselves some money. While he could make $12.65 million should he start the entire year, that’s a far cry from the $24.2 million he would have been owed under his old deal.

Trey Lance is helped onto a cart after what turned out to be a season-ending injury
Trey Lance is helped onto a cart after what turned out to be a season-ending injury. Photo: Josie Lepe/AP

It’s not an ideal situation for San Francisco, who were hoping to develop their top pick in the 2021 draft, but Garoppolo’s presence keeps Lance’s broken ankle from being a devastating blow. It turns out that in a league where starting-caliber quarterbacks are the most valuable asset a team can have, it’s not necessarily a bad idea to have two on hand.

Let’s face it, though: This wasn’t San Francisco’s Plan A. If another team was willing to overpay for Garoppolo in the offseason, he would be the starter for that franchise right now. Goodness knows there are teams he would have improved (probably would have found a home in a league that doesn’t tacitly encourage tanking). Still, instead of treating him as a surplus commodity, the team valued his skills and his many years playing within their system, above what was being offered.

So the 49ers decided to be conservative, took their fair share of criticism, and now it looks like they’ve been rewarded (albeit in the cruelest way possible). What is the moral here? Well, let’s move on to a sports cliché that actually applies in this situation: sometimes it’s the moves you don’t make.

MVP of the week

Tua Tagovailoa and Lamar Jackson greet each other after an extraordinary game in Miami
Tua Tagovailoa and Lamar Jackson greet each other after an extraordinary game in Miami. Photo: Julio Cortez/AP

Tua Tagovailoa, quarterback, Miami Dolphins. For most of the Baltimore Ravens game against the Miami Dolphins, it looked like this was Lamar Jackson’s prize to lose. Unfortunately for him, Tagovailoa (with an assist from the Ravens’ porous defense) had different plans, as Miami overcame a 21-point deficit and pulled off a shocking 42-38 win to improve its record to 2- 0.

The story in Baltimore should have been Jackson still betting on himself and winning: He threw for three touchdowns and rushed for another, racking up 437 total yards. It still wasn’t enough because Tagovailoa was much better: He threw for 469 yards and six touchdowns. Turns out, if you can do that, you really don’t need to mess with your legs. Right now, Florida’s best quarterback might not be what the Dolphins were looking at in the offseason.

Statistics of the week

Six. That’s the amount of times Joe Burrow was sacked during the Bengals’ 20-17 loss to the Dallas Cowboys. While Burrow has developed into one of the most dangerous QBs in the league, the one knock on his game has been his propensity for sacks. Last season, much of the blame was placed on Cincinnati’s shaky offensive line, but the team had supposedly spent the offseason working to fix that.

The results? Worse than inconclusive. So far, Burrow has been sacked 12 times in two games, a big reason why last season’s Super Bowl runners-up have started this campaign with an 0-2 record.

Video of the week

A fight breaks out between the Bucs and the Saints 😬

Mike Evans was ready to smoke

— Unfiltered Media ™️ (@UnfilteredInd) September 18, 2022

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the New Orleans Saints 20-10 on Sunday, but the biggest play had little to do with football. In what was a typical game between the two teams, Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore and Bucs wide receiver Mike Evans were ejected during a scuffle to clear the benches.

Lattimore probably had a right to be upset about being ejected given that he was shoved by Evans, but the refs were certainly swayed by the history between the two players. Meanwhile, Tom Brady was also visibly unhappy, at one point banging his tablet in frustration. Maybe his heart is somewhere else.

Quote of the week

“This shit was embarrassing. We fucked up” – Indianapolis Colts defensive tackle DeForest Buckner after his team’s 24-0 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

It’s hard to argue with Buckner. In fact, the Colts’ futility in Jacksonville is downright historic. Last time they won in Jacksonville it was 2014, which is surprising considering the Jaguars have mostly been mediocre to bad over that stretch. Despite making an upgrade at quarterback by trading for veteran Matt Ryan in the offseason, the Colts have started their season 0-2. Meanwhile, the Jaguars have won their first game of the season with just their third shutout in the last 15 years. No points for guessing which team beat on both occasions.

Elsewhere in the league

— It looked like another bad Sunday for the New York Jets, who fell 30-17 to the Cleveland Browns with less than two minutes left. At one point, Cleveland’s The chance of winning was projected at 99.9%. However, after an elite touchdown pass from Joe Flacco, punter Braden Mann made a successful punt that quickly turned into a game-winning touchdown for New York. The Jets beat the Browns 31-30 thanks in part to Mann getting his foot back on the football.

Somehow, it wasn’t even Mann’s most impressive game. New York wouldn’t even have been in a position to come back if Mann hadn’t kept a first-quarter ball alive with his arm, converting a fake punt on fourth-and-one that eventually set up the first of Flacco’s four touchdowns. happens

Just in time from @MannBraden to keep unity alive!! 🎯#NYJvsCLE on CBS

— New York Jets (@nyjets) September 18, 2022

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— The wildly popular Arizona Cardinals narrowly escaped falling into the same 0-2 hole as the Bengals. Fans had reason to worry about quarterback Kyler Murray, who signed a five-year, $230.5 million contract in the offseason, after his team fell to a 20-0 halftime deficit against the Las Vegas Raiders, who were also looking for their first win of the game. season Improbably, Murray pretty much managed overtime with the help of the most absurd two-point conversion the league has seen in years.

The craziest 2-point conversion we’ve ever seen! @K1

📺: #AZvsLV on CBS
📱: Stream on NFL+

— NFL (@NFL) September 18, 2022

\n”,”url”:”″,”id”:”1571636140570210304″,”hasMedia”:false,”role”:”inline”,”isThirdPartyTracking”: false,”source”:”Twitter”,”elementId”:”9ebd3d30-ca36-4cf8-aef4-7e19175679b4″}}”/>

After tying things up in the fourth quarter, the Cardinals won the game in overtime a fumble recovery. You know, how they drew things. It was a potentially season-saving win for Arizona. The Raiders fell to 0-2 in pretty brutal fashion, but that’s okay, it was still a pretty special day for Vegas sports.

— New Orleans Saints quarterback Jameis Winston was playing with four fractures in his back, which partly explained a brutal three-interception, six-sack day. It also leads to the question of whether the Saints should have gone with veteran backup Andy Dalton instead of using their injured starter.

— In a game that would have had much more hype a few seasons ago, when Brady was in New England and Ben Roethlisberger didn’t retire, the Patriots got their first win of the season in a turnover-and-penalty mess against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The 17-14 road win at least kept the Pats from falling into an 0-2 hole for the first time in 20 years. The two teams are now 1-1 and neither appear to be in the postseason at the moment.

— In Defensive Rookie of the Year news, Detroit Lions defensive end Aidan Hutchinson had three first-half sacks for the Detroit Lions on Sunday, helping give his team a 22-0 lead in halftime over the Washington Commanders. To Washington’s credit, Carson Wentz had a three-touchdown second half to keep this from being a total laugher, with the Lions eventually holding on to win 36-27.

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